About Our Bread

The Great Harvest Whole Grain Bread Difference

Great Harvest handcrafts bread daily using only pure and simple ingredients. Each morning we fresh-grind premium whole wheat berries in the bakery and blend it with ingredients from nature, like yeast, salt and honey. We have great fun using real cheeses, fruits, nuts, seeds and other great incredients.  Great Harvest never uses chemicals, preservatives, conditioners or additives. The result is bread that tastes simply amazing.  Real bread for real people.

You'll Love How It Makes You Feel

Bread shouldn't be boring, dry or full of air. Real bread is rich, moist, hearty and life-enhancing.  100% whole wheat bread made Great Harvest-style retains vital nutrients. Moms, kids, athletes and health-conscious people of all ages love the flavor and nutrition benefits.

We Support Family Owned Farms

For more than three decades we have been a friend to family farms located in Montana. We know our wheat farmers on a first-name basis. They  understand and produce our proprietary whole grains that have the baking qualities and hearty taste that's uniquely Great Harvest.  Ward still has family that farms wheat  in Montana.

It's About Baking the  
Difference in Your Life

Our bakery is locally owned and operated. It's no surprise, then, that we are passionate about being genuine --- in our craft, in our customer service, and in our community commitment.
We are a Mom & Pop Shop. Leslie is "Mom" and Ward is "Pop".

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