The Bakery Cafe

Where the Outside Is As Good As the Inside

When you make really good bread, it's tempting to make a really good sandwich on that really good bread; that's just what we did. From modern favorites like the Spicy Apple Bacon Grilled Cheese and Baja Chipotle Turkey to classics like the Turkey & Swiss and the Traditional Breakfast Sandwich there are bites for anytime of the day. If you need a lighter bite than one of our sandwiches, consider one of our new tasty toast options.

Grinding More Than Just Wheat Daily

Featuring a menu rebuilt from the grounds up, grab a refreshing cup hot or cold to help you power through the day. Featuring Caffe Darte coffee and Tuscon based Maya Tea, we've got fresh brewed teas and coffee; our most popular are the Mango Peach Black Tea and the Japanese style Iced Coffee. If you're looking for a bit more kick ask about our new specials of Jazzed Up Tea and Lotus Energy.    

Stay A While or Grab It On The Go

Join us in the cafe anytime by yourself or with friends and hang out a while, board games optional. Let us meet your fur babies on the patio (not inside the bakery though) while you chill out, bowwow bowls coming soon. Or let us know you're on the way and we'll have your meal ready for you so you can get to the next important meeting, soccer practice, or where ever you need to be; call or order online

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